ICMAN2011 | Exhibition

Location and Date

The exhibition will be held at the Bonanza Hotel (Shenzhen, China) on Nov. 05-08, 2011.

Participant Cost

Standard Booth (2mX3m): USD2, 000

  1. The participant will be provided an exhibition booth (2m×3m) for the promotion of enterprise image, products exhibition, and technical exchange;
  2. The participant’s company logo and name will be put on the expo board;
  3. The participant’s company logo and its website will be presented on the official website of the Conference (www.icmans.com);
  4. The participant will have the privilege of making one registration free of charge except the chance of presentation. If you want one chance of presentation, USD 200 should be charged on the basis of the original fee.


■ MEMS processing equipments
■ Nano- mechanical Technology & software
■ Nanoimprint Technologies
■ Analysis and Detection Instruments
■ MEMS Foundaries
■ MEMS Modelling and Simulation tools
■ Materials
■ Bio-Technology and Medical Applications
■ MEMS Devices
■ MEMS Applications


Two ways for the payment of the fee: 1. Remittance; 2. Check.

Remittee’s Address:

① Ping An Bank
② Ping An Bank Building No.1099 Shennan Road C. Shenzhen, P. R. China
④ Beneficiary: A/C No. 0362 1000 91010
⑤ Name: Optical Society of Shenzhen (OSS) International Dept.
⑥ ICMAN 2011 must be written down in the Remittances of statement (MESSAGE).

Remittee’s Name: ICMAN2011
Remittee’s TEL.: +86- 755-2587 8092/ 2587 8093
Remittee’s FAX.: +86- 755-2587 8212


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